On the morning of the 20th we took a bus to Nha Trang, Vietnam’s most popular beach destination on the south central coast. We got dropped off in the city centre and took a cab to our accommodation for the following three nights: Little Home Hostel.

Lying north of the city, Little Home Hostel, makes a great escape from the loud and busy streets of Nha Trang city and therefore is a paradise for all beach lovers, so said the reviews (Bewertungen). Only problem: the weather was REALLY bad.

Nha Trang, even more than Mui Ne, attracts thousands of Russian tourists every year. There are about 730 charter flights from Russia direct to Nha Trang every year (two per day!) and the request is increasing (die Nachfrage steigt). Just as in Mui Ne, we encountered (treffen/begegnen) many locals speaking a bit of Russian and that probably also explains, why we’ve been spoken to in Russian several times, by locals as well as Russians themselves (do we look Russian?!).

Having said that, the weather wasn’t the best, that also meant for us: no lying on the beach, no working on our tan. But what else could we do? Sadly (Leider/traurigerweise), there is not much to do in Nha Trang apart from lying on the beach, snorkelling and diving and as a result (Resultat) our visit to Nha Trang ended up being rather boring. And on top of it all, Liverpool lost against Swansea! Tom was close to tears!

To be honest (Um ehrlich zu seen), there is not much else to report from Nha Trang, we spent our days inside, playing cards and reading our books.

Next stop: another beach town, a 6 hour bus journey away from Nha Trang: Quy Nhon.