For the following morning (31.01.) Thao had arranged a car to pick us up to drive us to Da Nang, a short 30 km drive up the coast.

As we arrived at our accommodation for the night; Travellers Nest Hostel, we left our bags and decided to go for a walk and explore the city for a bit.

Before Tet I had read about how many travellers advise (einen Rat geben) to leave the country during Tet as cities would be deserted (verlassen) and places, such as restaurants etc would be closed. We experienced (erleben) nothing of that sort at all during our stay in Hoi An. On the 28th, the first day of the lunar year, many shops in the city were closed and it was a lot quieter (ruhiger), but we found that to be a nice change. It wasn’t until we came to Da Nang that we understood what people were reporting about (berichten). The place was absolutely empty! Nobody was out on the street, pretty much every single shop was closed. We seriously struggled (Wir hatten richtige Schwierigkeiten) to find a cafe to have a drink at. Seeing that the weather had changed to rainy again, it didn’t make it any better. Unfortunately (Leider), we really weren’t impressed (beeindruckt) at what we saw, so we decided to head back to our hostel and “waste” (verschwenden) the day, which for me meant Netflix and for Tom work, work, work. But a few hours to spare came in quite handy for him, as he had quite a bit to do anyway.

The next morning we had booked ourselves onto, what is said to be the most beautiful train ride of whole Vietnam: Da Nang to Hue.