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South East Asia 2016-17


Our first stop back in Asia after leaving Melbourne was Singapore, where we’d be staying for two nights.

We got the skytrain from the airport and I was expecting (erwarten) a landscape of shiny metal (glänzendes Metall), concrete and glass but was pleasantly surprised (positive überrascht) to see many large green spaces amongst the skyscrapers all the way into Downtown Singapore where we checked into The Bohemian Chic Hostel on Mosque Street in Chinatown.

Heading straight out to get some food, we walked around the corner (Ecke) and into a crowd of people lined up at barriers (Absperrungen) along the roadside. We decided to join them because they must have been there for a reason right?! After a few minutes surveying (inspizieren) the scene (and watching the crowds grow larger), we realised that it must be the something to do with Chinese New Year. “That sign says it’s the first day of the Chinese New Year celebrations tonight”, Tessa said. Another slight giveaway (Hinweis) was the 10 metre high rooster (Hahn) sitting in the middle of the road (this year is the Chinese year of the rooster).

We overheard (zufällig mithören) some people saying that the show started at 8pm and as that time rolled around, a countdown began and the whole street lit up (aufleuchten) with an impressive synchronised display of lighting (including the rooster) plus some fireworks (Feuerwerk). The locals REALLY seemed to like fireworks as fully-grown women screamed (schreien) and squeed (quietschen) like teenage girls when they see that Henry Styles fella.

After the fireworks had finished we wandered around looking for somewhere to eat and came across the Chinatown Food Market; a purpose-built covered food court with dozens of street food vendors.

The next day we planned to explore the city and decided last minute to hire scooters (Roller) (like those ones we all had when we were 12 years old) from the hostel which turned out to be an excellent decision (Entscheidung). Starting out at 10am, we managed to scoot around (rumsausen) a large part of the Downtown area in just few hours before lunch taking in the impressive sights of the Marina Bay Sands, Helix Bridge, the Formula 1 paddock (Rennbahn) (where we saw what looked like a parade dance practice) and War Memorial Park which features an impressive 70m high white stone memorial (Denkmal) to the civilian victims of the Japanese occupation of Singapore during World War Two. A particular highlight was Gardens by the Bay, a nature park area behind the Marina Bay Sands hotel and shopping centre. It features Supertree Grove which are a series of 25-50m high metal tree structures that house ferns, orchids and other plant life in the shape (Form) of a giant tree. The whole park is a remarkably (bemerkenswert) tranquil (ruhig) area considering (in Anbetracht) it is in the middle of one of the most built up high-rise cities in the World.

Next morning we took the free hostel shuttle to the airport for our 1pm flight to the sixth country of our adventure (Abenteuer) so far; Vietnam!

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