Very tired we arrived at Sydney at around 2:15am on the 28th December. We took an Uber to Matt’s apartment, which he shares with another couple; Dave and Jules.

On our first day in Sydney we didn’t exactly do a lot. We went to several pubs and had several drinks. Coincidentally (zufälligerweise), Zoe and James, who we’d later stay with in Melbourne were over for a visit and so we met up with them.

At our last pub, we decided to take part in the trivia (Pub Quiz) (“We’re TMT, oi oi, we’re dynamite”, was our name) but we had to take in a bitter defeat (Niederlage) and last position. 1970s Australian TV shows aren’t really our speciality!

Our second day in Sydney, we took the ferry to Manly where neither (keiner) of the two of us had been before and we spent the day at the beach working on our tan. The sun was burning hot but sadly the sea was too rough (unruhig) to properly swim in. Just as we were about to leave, sirens (Sirenen) started to howl and a beach guard announced that “there have been two separate confirmed (bestätigt) shark sightings and we strongly advise (imd etw raten) everybody to get out of the water immediately (sofort)”. How Aussie! Back in Circular Quay, we met up with Tom’s friend Bob and his girlfriend Carina, who were on a holiday in Australia, for a beer.

After only two days in Sydney, we were headed to Melbourne the following day.