After flying down to Melbourne from Sydney with Matt, we cabbed (wir haven ein Taxi genommen) it to our friends James and Zoe’s place where we’d be staying for the next week.

New Years Eve Eve (Der Abend bevor Neujahr, also der 30.) was spent playing drunken (betrunken) Monopoly Deal and Cards Against Humanity (Karten gene die Menschlichkeit). Another friend Sarah joined us and it was she who hosted (veranstalten) a house party the next night for the New Year celebrations. Nina was spending New Years in Melbourne so she joined (anschließen) us at the party along with many old and new faces from my time in Melbourne. Great fun and a suitably boozy (angemessen alkohollastig) end to wash away (wegwaschen) what was a great year personally but a somewhat interesting year politically!

Nursing mercifully light hangovers (sum Gluck hatte Tom nur new leichten Kater) on New Years Day, Tessa and I headed into (auk den Weg machen) the city for some sightseeing with Nina followed by frozen hot chocolate and a walk along Southbank. On the way home, as we sat down on the tram, a couple of familiar (bekannt) faces were smiling at us a couple of rows (Reihen) away – we had bumped into (ineinander rennen) Bob and Carina, who had just landed (gelanded) after flying in from Sydney! What a chance coincidence (Zufall)! We had just enough time to hear about their wonderful New Years spent actually watching the opera in the Sydney Opera House(!) before they jumped out (rausspringen) for dinner and we carried on back to James and Zoe’s for a great home-cooked meal (thanks Zoe!).

As New Year fell on a Sunday, Monday 2nd January was also a public holiday (Feiertag) so we all (Tessa, Nina, James, Zoe, Matt, Sarah and I) headed on a road trip north to Trentham Falls and then Daylesford for lunch in the park.

The next day, Tessa, James and I headed to Northside Boulders and met up with Sarah plus a few others to do some bouldering. James certainly acquitted himself the best (hat sich am besten drangestellt), finally climbing (klettern) a difficult black route at the end of the session after several tries (mehrere Versuche). We were all rather showed up by a small seven year old you clambered (klettern) up all the walls like Spiderboy. Beers and food followed in Brunswick.

Sarah invited us on another road trip on the 4th January so we joined her, Narelle, Reece and his girlfriend Anna (from Austria who we’d met at New Years – Tessa and Nina were very excited to speak some German!) in heading to Torquay on the western edge of the Port Phillip Bay, famous as the starting point of the Great Ocean Road. Sunbathing and jumping the famous surf breakers – a very fun day 🙂

We spent our final two days catching up with our favourite Melbourne spots, reliving old memories we had separately and creating new ones together 🙂 We met up with Bob and Carina for a drink overlooking (mit Blick über) St Kilda beach before heading to Fitzroy to meet up with our friend Lauren and her boyfriend James. James works at a VR Arcade (virtuelle Realität) and he kindly gave us an awesome introduction (Einführung) to the VR headsets and a few games like Fruit Ninja and archery (Bogenschießen) (cheers James). Zoe and the other James met us and we all went for dinner and drinks at a couple of our old favourites.

Next morning, James and Zoe dropped us at Melbourne Airport and it was time for us to say our goodbyes. The week had really flown by (ging schnell vorbei) and we were both, as ever, very sad to say goodbye to Melbourne and our friends there. Thanks so much to everyone and particularly (vor allem) Zoe and James for being so accommodating – we appreciated (schätzen) it SO SO much 🙂 We’ll be back soon!

To kickstart our backpacking adventure again, we’d be easing into life on the road (sich langsam wieder and backpacken gewöhnen) again with a couple of nights in the shiny metropolis of Singapore!