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South East Asia 2016-17


On the 16th of December we were finally headed to Australia and we were both looking forward to a little break in between our travels (Tom: “It’s much more tiring (ermüdend) than it looks!”).

We had booked a fast ferry from Gili Air to Bali Padangbai which included a free transport shuttle to Bali airport as well. The ferry was scheduled (geplant) for 10:30am with our flight at 6pm. Plenty of time, you’d think. Let’s not forget though that this is Indonesia and time is somewhat measured (gemessen) differently here. And, of course, the Indonesian people had to make sure we won’t leave their country without one last big upset (Ärger).

At check-in the next morning, we were told that the ferry was delayed (verschpätet) by half an hour, which wasn’t that bad as we had figured out that, with a total delay (Verspätung) of two hours, we would still make it to the airport comfortably (angenehm). That half an hour finally turned into a two hour delay which became even more as we had to pick up other passengers from Gili Meno and Gili Trawangan. By that time I was nervously (nervös) looking at the time every five minutes, worrying about whether (ob) we’d make it to the airport in time or not. Tom wasn’t a big help either, as he had put on his usual attitude (Einstellung): “It’ll be fiiiiiine.” “But what if for one time it won’t”, I asked myself, watching the minutes tick by.

When we finally made it to Padangbai, with an outrageous (empörend) delay, it was chucking it down with rain. In usual Indonesian style, our bags were thrown off from the ferry onto the ground, ferry staff not caring about (such um etw kümmern) the lake of rainwater that had formed on the ground. Completely drenched (durchnässt), we made our way to the busses, to find our bus to the airport. By that time we had about 2 hours until baggage drop closed and the journey to the airport would take 1 1/2 to 2 hours. As you can imagine I was absolutely stressed out (gestresst).

We were guided to a bus driver, who then had the nerve (Nerven) to tell me that we will never make it to the airport in time. He told us that the journey will take 4-5 hours, as he had to drop off many people. This was the point I absolutely lost it (ausrasten). Unknowingly (nicht wissend) that this is another scam (Tom had read about these, but I had no clue (Ich hatte keinen Schimmer)) I started yelling at (anschreien) the bus driver, that we had paid for this stupid service and that someone should bloody take us to the airport straightaway (sofort)! As a taxi driver then had the even more outrageous (empörend) nerve to tell us his fare (Preis) would be 450,000 rupiah, I was ready to punch (schlagen) anybody who’d cross (kreuzen) my way. Luckily, we found another bus that already had a couple in that would also go to the airport. End of story: we went straight (direkt) to the airport and we arrived 20 minutes before baggage drop closed. What a journey. (Tom: “Told ya”.)

Now it was goodbye Indonesia and off to AUSTRALIA!!!

The following 3 nights we were accommodated (untergebracht) by Tom’s cousin Mike, his wife Angelica and their two lovely children Gemma-Rose (5) and Hosanna (2) in Brisbane. By day we played with the kids and by night the adults played drunken UNO. Great fun 🙂

This visit was very special especially (vor allem) for Tom, as on the Sunday we went to a Christmas family lunch, where he met his other 3 Brisbane-based cousins (Jonathan, Richard and Adrian) who he hadn’t seen since he was a little child. For me personally the lunch was quite overwhelming (überwältigend). With my little family, I’m not used to big gatherings (Zusammenkunft) like these and as I have never met any of these people in my life I had quite a few names to remember (erinnern). But everybody was just absolutely lovely. They were very welcoming and everybody was so excited to see Tom. What a great family so far away from home.

After the family lunch I had my own little highlight: I would see Nina for the first time in three months!!! We met up with her at her hostel in the city and it was such a relief (Erleichterung) to hug her after such a long time. We then had little walk to the river, sat down and shared some amusing travelling stories. Later we watched the Christmas parade. Too soon we had to say goodbye again, but not for long, as we would meet up again in Melbourne.

Next we would head to Port Macquarie to meet more of Tom’s family. Thank you again to Mike and Angelica for letting us stay and for a great time!

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